The 2116 Alarm Kit affords a simple and economical means of providing the 2100 series exit device with an audible alarm. This alarm is battery operated and completely self-contained. It serves as the hinge stile mounting bracket for the 2100 series exit device and operates when the device flat bar is depressed. It can be retrofitted to any existing 2100 series exit device. The Alarm Kit has a non-ferrous cover which is spray finished to match the exit device.
Complete Self-Contained:
Kit incorporates a solid-state circuit with electronically generated alarm. Powered by the supplied 9 VDC transistor battery.
Easy Installation:
Alarm kit requires only drilling and tapping 3 holes. Can be retrofitted to existing 2100 series exit devices.
Loud Alarm Db Level:
Alarm sounds loud, piercing tone (measures 90 to 96 decibels (Db) at 10 feet).
Cylinder Arm/Disarm:
A mortise cylinder (not supplied unless specified) arms and disarms the alarm. A Red LED indicator will illuminate every 30 seconds when the alarm is armed and in stand-by.
Arming Delay/Authorized Egress:
10-second delay (after arming) permitting egress (by turning key clockwise).
Tamper Resistant:
Removing cover will activate alarm. Battery is protected by a hardened steel shield. Alarm will continue to sound even when alarm switch wires are cut.

Nuisance Alarm:
Factory preset for instant alarm. Selectable feature for alarm to sound when exit device touchbar is depressed for more than 2 seconds. (This feature is selected by a switch on the circuit board.)
Alarm is armed by turning key clockwise. Low audible chirp indicates alarm has been activated. Alarm will sound when the exit device touchbar is depressed. Factory preset for standard alarm mode which automatically resets after 5 minutes.
Continuous Alarm Mode:
Alarm sounds continuously when the exit device touchbar is depressed. Alarm must be manually reset by keyswitch. (This feature is selected by a switch on the circuit board.)
Low Battery Drain:
On stand-by conditions (with few or no alarm activations) battery life is approximately one year.
Low Power Battery Indicator:
The electronic circuit will sound an audible beep every 30 seconds when the battery power drops below a safe operating level.
Warning Decal:
A larm Kit is complete  

Technical Details
Minimum Door Width: 36"
Case Dimensions: 2-1/2" high, 2-3/8" deep, 7" long
Material: Chassis, stainless steel; cover, non-ferrous.
Battery: 9 VDC battery
Cylinder: Mortise cylinder. Clockwise turn arms the alarm; counterclockwise turn disarms or silences the alarm. (Cylinder not included.)
Finishes: 630, 689, 691, 693, 695