Delayed Action – Prefix DA
After full open permits door to remain ajar
( at 70 degrees ) for up to 40 seconds. Operates by
separate valve and can be shut off if not needed.
Not available on closers with hold open feature.

Sealed Closer – Prefix SC
This option for exterior doors or interior doors with
heavy exposure to water or cleaning solvents, protects
the body. The closer body is placed in the cement
case. A stainless steel cover plate is then gasketed and
fastened to the cement case. This must be ordered
with closer and cannot be ordered less the cement

8-1/2 # Opening Force – Prefix PH Suffix 8-1/2
This is a lighter than normal opening force. Be aware
that this may not be strong enough to close fire rated
or exterior doors. Rixson accepts no responsibility for
PH closers and door latching. Also, be advised that
ADA guidelines DO NOT apply to fire rated openings or
exterior doors.

Fire Rated – Prefix F
Closer packages for fire rated doors ( up to 3 hours )
include a steel top pivot and must have additional
steel intermediate pivots. These closers are
non-hold open.