8800 series locks are available
with MicroShield® antimicrobial
coating. MicroShield is a revolutionary
hardware finish coating, using a silver
ion based technology, which inhibits
the growth of bacteria, algae, yeast,
fungus, mold and mildew. MicroShield
is non-toxic and lasts for the lifetime
of the finish to which it is applied. To
order, suffix option code “YMS”.
Note: MicroShield® coating may vary finish color
from architectural standards. MicroShield is not
intended as a substitute for traditional infection
control programs such as hand hygiene or use
of disinfectants. Coated product must still be
cleaned to insure the surfaces will be free of
destructive microbes. Yale Locks & Hardware
makes no representations or warranties, express
or implied, as to the efficacy of the MicroShield