CCTV Lens Calculator

Lens Calculator

Use the Lens Calculator tool to calculate the distance, lens size (focal length),
or the height and width of the field of view, by entering values for the other inputs.
Select one of the following and then enter the required values:

Image of scene  


Image of camera


Distance to object (ft)Arrow
or Focal length (mm)


How to use the Lens Calculator:

1. To find out which lens you need, enter the target distance of the object,
and the Width and Height (in feet) of the field of view.

2. To calculate the field of view you can expect with a given lens,
enter the target distance of the object, and the lens size (focal length) in millimeters.

3. Click "Calculate". Make sure you click "Clear" before you make a new calculation.

Distance to Target ft
Lens Size mm
Field of view Width (H)x Height (V):
ft x ft
Calculate | Clear
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