Medeco 52-9 Series Hockey Puck Padlock - 5 Pin Medeco3 High Security Cylinder

Medeco 52-9 Series Hockey Puck Padlock - 5 Pin Medeco3 High Security Cylinder

The Medeco Hockey Puck style padlocks come with hardened, solid steel bodies, a shackle-less design, 5 Pin Medeco3 High Security Cylinder is the highest level of protection against bolt cutter attacks, and patent protected key control. Every padlock cylinder is UL 437 Listed and can be keyed into any existing 10 series product.

Medeco3 Premium High Security

For effective mechanical protection against most forms of attack as well as protection against unauthorized duplicate keys, Medeco3 cylinders are recommended. Security features including hardened steel components, pins that must be elevated, rotated, & interact with both a sidebar & a slider, & additional pick resistant features make Medeco3 the cylinder of choice to protect people, property & information.

The Medeco 3 unique design provides triple locking action, making the locks virtually pick proof. All Medeco 3 keys and locks are protected under patent, trademark, and copyright laws. Medeco 3 keys may only be duplicated by Medeco or by a Medeco authorized sales outlet, and only at your request.

  • Includes one key.  Additional keys may also be purchased.

Medeco3 – High Security with Patented Key Control prevents unauthorized duplication. 

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