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Mounting Kit for Wall or Ceiling the IP-PT-885
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List price: $76.00
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IR Bullet Camera with 65ft IR Range - 700TVL 3.6mm
Our price: $76.00
List price: $104.00
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Indoor-Outdoor Dome Camera Vandal Proof - 700TVL
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List price: $206.00
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Long Range Bullet Camera - 600TVL 3.6mm Super Long 150ft IR Range
Our price: $156.00
List price: $208.00
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700TVL IR Bullet Camera - 2.8~12mm 100ft IR Range Vari-Focal
Our price: $234.00
List price: $334.00
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CCTV Equipment

Video security cameras or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) are prevalent in every city in the nation, in ATM machines, stores, traffic lights and public buildings. They are so much a part of everyday scenery, they often go unnoticed. No longer are video security cameras only used for public surveillance, but private Americans are arming their homes, both inside and out in hopes to deter or catch a criminal in the act.

Security Cameras can be used almost anywhere, but many are designed for a certain specific purpose and environment. Choose the one that best suit your needs. Still canít decide? Call us Ė 1-855-362-9090.

Dome Security Cameras

Dome security cameras are mounted from the ceiling and can be used inside or outside, daylight or darkness and can produce either black and white or color video. Dome cameras with SMART LED control can detect the amount of infrared light on the subject and turns IR LEDS on/off as necessary to keep video quality high when it enters infrared mode.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras or covert cameras are used to video unsuspecting people. A hidden camera can be concealed in a common object such as an exit sign, wall plate, fake motion detector, smoke alarm or sprinkler head. Hidden cameras may be a good solution when there is a danger to the camera being disassembled or destroyed to cease operation.

PTZ Camera

A PTZ Camera, (Pan, Tilt and Zoom), can be mounted or on a wall or by a 3 or 6 inch pendant from the ceiling. Indoor and outdoor cameras are available. The Indoor Ceiling Mount High Speed PTZ Camera - High 36x Optical Zoom is a high speed pan tilt zoom camera that has a 360 degree continuous rotation and infrared sensitivity. The IR Sensitive Ceiling Mt Speed Dome PT Camera is sensitive to infrared light and connects to almost any DVR. With variable speed, 64 programmable presets, a total zoom factor of 216x (18x optical & 12x digital), this outdoor PTZ security camera is a perfect fit in almost any outdoor environment.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras, named for its size and shape, are quite durable and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. Bullet cameras are often the first line of defense in preventing and recording night-time intruders. Bullet Cameras are particularly useful as a night vision camera and can be capable of transmitting images as far as 20 feet in complete darkness.

Full Size CCTV Cameras

A Full Size Camera is a durable indoor or outdoor camera that can operate in temperatures from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees. Aided by a digital signal processing chipset, the full size camera produces a high resolution image quality in low and normal light level. The full size camera has many additional features including a user selectable backlight compensation and auto-iris control.

DVR - Digital Video Recorder

A DVRs (Digital Video Recorder) is the heart of a surveillance system. It records video in a digital format. Security DVR's are differentiated by their number of camera inputs (channels), video recording rate (measured in frames-per-second) and total storage capacity. Other features that distinguish security DVR's are their remote access capabilities, motion detection features, and video search tools.

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